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The Story of Stanley's
In 1937, Stanley Kerbie opened Stanley’s Smokes, a Santa Fe tobacconist and newsstand, and meticulously saved a file copy of every periodical that he carried. Upon retiring in 1971, his storeroom was packed with what he considered to be nothing more than business records. His grandson Stanley III, then only eighteen, took over running the shop. When Stanley I died in 1987, he left the shop to his grandson. Only then did Stanley III, forced to sort through his grandfather’s records in that impassible storeroom, discover a perfectly preserved trove of comic books dating back to the 1930s. Such a large stockpile in pristine shape from the original owner was unheard-of. The Santa Fe trove became the most celebrated pedigree collection in comic collecting. Stanley III changed the name of the business to Stanley's Marvelous Comics, displayed the choicest titles, and put the rest up for sale. Thus Stanley's Marvelous Comics became a legendary destination for comic enthusiasts worldwide.

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